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LSA provides a responsive, confidential, professional contract surface analysis service to industry and universities.
HistoryLSA is well established and well known in the surface analysis community. The company was founded in 1997 by Alison Chew, Mike Petty and David Sykes with a vision of creating a contract analysis facility able to apply surface chemical analysis techniques to the widest range of technological problems.

The company's staff are experienced at working with a wide range of industries and assisting with

  • failure analysis
  • materials characterisation
  • contamination identification
  • process matching
  • quality control
  • reverse engineering
  • research and development



The list is almost endless: typical projects cover

  • semiconductors
  • metals
  • glasses
  • polymers
  • concretes
  • electronics
  • corrosion
  • adhesion
  • coatings
  • staining 

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